Common Project 1 enters into force, a milestone for the continuation and coordination of ATM modernisation and digitalisation through SESAR deployment


New SESAR Deployment Programme 2021 will continue to guide aviation industry in modernising European Air Traffic Management

European Commission Implementing Regulation no. 2021/116, Common Project 1 (CP1), amending Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 409/2013 and repealing Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 716/2014 known as the Pilot Common Project (PCP) enters into force today, on the 22nd of February, 20 days after its publication into the EU Official Journal.

Read more on the SESAR Deployment Manager website. 

European Commission officially adopts Regulation establishing CP1 in support of Single European Sky


Today is a big day for ATM modernisation through SESAR, as the European Commission has officially adopted the Regulation establishing CP1 in support of Single European Sky:

“Today, the European Commission adopted a regulation that establishes the Common Project One (CP1) in support of the single European sky – a new framework that contributes to making flying in the European skies more sustainable by ensuring a more efficient management of airways. Following an intense pilot phase of implementing new technological and operational air traffic management (ATM) solutions developed under the SESAR project dealing with Single European Sky ATM Research, CP1 focuses on the most efficient solutions and sets a realistic implementation timeline to be respected by the concerned parties: airlines, airports and air navigation service providers.”

The Regulation will be published soon, and the SESAR Deployment Manager will soon provide more details and guidance to its stakeholders.


More info on the European Commission’s website here.

The European Air Traffic Management modernization journey continues


Let’s keep on delivering together! This was the big takeaway of the SESAR Deployment Manager Annual Meeting on 25 November, which gathered over 300 participants from the European ATM community.

SESAR Deployment Manager supports ATM modernization since 2014, with now over 150 projects completed by the Implementing Partners and with the support of the European Commission and INEA. The SESAR Deployment Manager Function will continue to join forces and keep on making European ATM more effective, cost-efficient, scalable, and environmentally sustainable. The journey together with all involved stakeholders continues!

Check out this video on the continuing journey of European ATM modernization through SESAR deployment for more effective, cost-efficient, scalable, and environmentally sustainable Air Traffic Management.

More info and videos: https://www.sesardeploymentmanager.eu/news/the-european-air-traffic-management-modernization-journey-continues 

SESAR Deployment Manager launches new website supporting ongoing ATM modernisation in Europe


The new portal showcases completed, ongoing and planned modernisation projects and their benefits and includes a private platform set up in light of continuously improving the interaction with deployment stakeholders.

SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM) has launched a new website as part of its ongoing support to Air Traffic Management (ATM) modernisation in Europe.

The portal includes news and information on SESAR deployment in Europe and all involved stakeholders, showcases all 343 SESAR deployment ATM modernisation projects out of which 151 are completed, and explains their benefits to the European passengers, citizens, and economy.

It also powers an online Private area (SDM’s online community) platform where deployment stakeholders can interact 24/7 on modernisation challenges and topics and continue supporting and motivating each other while getting the latest information, guidance and support from the SESAR Deployment Manager.

Groupe ADP : un retour à la normale entre 2024 et 2027 ?


Le groupe ADP gérant les aéroports parisiens a présenté hier une perte nette de 543 millions d’euros au premier semestre, contre un bénéfice de 250 millions d’euros l’année dernière. Son PDG ne voit pas le trafic revenir au niveau d’avant la pandémie de Covid-19 avant la période entre 2024 et 2027. (source: Air Journal July 2020)

Read full article here: https://www.air-journal.fr/2020-07-28-groupe-adp-un-retour-a-la-normale-entre-2024-et-2027-5221731.html

Guidelines for a healthy passenger experience at airports


Today ACI Europe published these guidelines for airports.

You can download your copy here

‘With these new Guidelines for a Healthy Passenger Experience at Airports, ACI EUROPE is responding and taking stock of the new reality resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. This pandemic has in a matter of weeks caused a global crisis of unprecedented proportions. Aviation has found itself amongst the most exposed sectors, with air connectivity having literally collapsed – impacting tourism, supply chains, regional development, jobs and livelihoods.

Our purpose in creating these comprehensive Guidelines is to complement the joint EASA and ECDC COVID-19 Aviation Health Safety Protocol by elaborating on what airports need to consider and do to implement the changes necessary to restart operations. They provide practical step-by-step guidance to airports based on a “new normal”, reviewing all possible actions, methodologies, technologies and implications.”

Preliminary results of the SESAR Deployment Manager’s survey on the impact of COVID-19 on ATM modernisation


At the end of last month, SESAR Deployment Manager launched its survey to Implementing Partners to garner a more precise picture, in the current context, of the challenges faced by the European ATM Community as well as the efforts made towards the delivery of a modern, more performant, environmental-friendly and scalable ATM system. Moreover, this survey also aimed at identifying key practical solutions to mitigate, as much as possible, the impact of this crisis on implementation projects.

Read the results and full article here