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Progress indicator: Enablers for safety net - Information pending confirmation

Preparation to implement Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) @AMS

Implement Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) in order to maintain the declared surface movement rate under adverse weather conditions within the aerodrome visibility operational level (AVOL) while maintaining the required level of safety at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.


Integration off surface information sources and enhance situational awareness to provide ATC, Pilots and Drivers with:

  • Optimised route designation for each aircraft or vehicle within the movement area;
  • The detection of route conflicts on the movement area as well as improved routing and planning for use by controllers;

Airport safety nets consist of the detection and alerting of conflicting ATC clearances to aircraft and deviation of vehicles and aircraft from their instructions, procedures or routing which may potentially put the vehicles and aircraft at risk of a collision.

Schiphol will develop and implement improved and advanced A-SMGCS routing and planning functions in phases to increase ground capacity and improve Airport safety under adverse conditions. The advanced active guidance will reduce (the number of) route deviations, prevent mis-interpretation of routing, reduce RT communication (Safety Nets) and offer a higher throughput.

These A-SMGCS Routing and Planning functions will be accessible by working stations equipped with Electronic Flight Strips (EFS) on which a controller can both increase situation awareness getting information such as route changes, runway changes, routes closed for maintenance, detection of route conflict and perform inputs to update the routes, as well as defining route constraints in low visibility operational level. The departure sequence will be optimized according to the real time traffic situation reflecting any change of gate, runway configuration or other parameters relevant during taxi.


~ 9 Mio € for joint application project phase (EASMSN)
~30Mio € for total project


Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS)



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