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Advanced Visual Docking Guidance System (A-VDGS)

Dublin Airport (daa) is planning to install A-VDGS units on their contact and remote stands by December 2020. These A-VDGS units will assist with the display of critical operational data to pilots and ground personnel.


This project includes the installation of A-VDGS units on specific contact and remote stands in Dublin Airport. This project will also include the associated IT, civil, structural and electrical works necessary to support the introduction of A-VDGS units in Dublin.


The total budget for Dublin Airport under this joint Unifying Safety Nets & Surface Movement project is €6.1m, of which €2.6m will be co-financed by the 2016 CEF call. Dublin Airport is planning to spend a total of €10.4m on A-VDGS up to December 2020.


All A-VDGS units related to this project will be installed on specific contact and remote stands in Dublin Airport.




Dublin Airport established a framework agreement with ADB Safegate in July 2016 to supply and install A-VDGS units. Design and delivery of these A-VDGS units will be managed in-house by Dublin Airport. Stakeholders include; Dublin Airport, Airlines, ground handlers and ADB Safegate.

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