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Improving airside safety by introducing vehicle transponders

The objective of the project was to equip vehicles operating in the maneuvering area of London Stansted Airport with a transponder to improve situational awareness, reduce the risk of runway incursions and contribute to the overall airport safety. This improved the situational awareness for all airport stakeholders, primarily the ANSP by providing visibility in all runway conditions for vehicles accessing maneuvering area. Additionally, the safety benefits derived have fully come to fruition during a prolonged snow event at the airport with our whole fleet of vehicles operating in low visibility throughout the adverse conditions in safe and secure manner.


The project was to introduce a system linked to the airport A-SMGCS in the ANSP Control Tower, enabling visibility of vehicles in the manoeuvring area, primarily vehicles that access the runway. This significantly contributes to improving the overall safety of the airside environment by avoiding any potential aircraft to vehicle conflict.


Up to 156.500 euro


London Stansted Airport ATC Control Tower and Airside Operations



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