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Progress indicator: Enablers for safety movement
Progress indicator: Enablers for safety net

EASY AND SMART standing for “Enablers to Advanced Safety Year-around Airside Net through Digital Surface Movement Management At Runway and Taxiway”

The project is split into two major tasks; Enablers for Surface movements and Enablers for Safety Nets.

The first task is focusing on improving and enhancing the information flow from APOC (AirPort Operational Centre) to all stakeholders involved in the turn-around process. A common way of sharing important information is to use existing and new VDGS (TSAT-to-GATE) units at aircraft parking stands/gates. The forecasted budget for this task is 2,7 million euro. Completion of this task will actively enhance and improve Operational concept benefitting all involved stakeholders.

The second task is composed of several initiatives, all related to increase of Safety for Vehicles and Aircraft. For this task the forecasted budget is MEUR 2,1. The major initiatives included in this task are related to installing stop lights and in securing weather information related to runway conditions.

A test installation in a smaller airport will test the system and the result from this test will support and guide the decision process for implementing the system at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. This test is starting during 2018 at Stockholm Bromma Airport.

Finally a pre-study will be done prior for implementing the concept of introducing “Mobile Field Office”. This study will take into account all systems needed for a vehicle driver to act safely and efficiently at airside while working regardless of weather conditions.


4,8 million euro


Stockholm Arlanda Airport.



Estimated date of termination