European Commission officially adopts Regulation establishing CP1 in support of Single European Sky


Today is a big day for ATM modernisation through SESAR, as the European Commission has officially adopted the Regulation establishing CP1 in support of Single European Sky:

“Today, the European Commission adopted a regulation that establishes the Common Project One (CP1) in support of the single European sky – a new framework that contributes to making flying in the European skies more sustainable by ensuring a more efficient management of airways. Following an intense pilot phase of implementing new technological and operational air traffic management (ATM) solutions developed under the SESAR project dealing with Single European Sky ATM Research, CP1 focuses on the most efficient solutions and sets a realistic implementation timeline to be respected by the concerned parties: airlines, airports and air navigation service providers.”

The Regulation will be published soon, and the SESAR Deployment Manager will soon provide more details and guidance to its stakeholders.


More info on the European Commission’s website here.