The safe, efficient and predictable management of air-traffic at European airports is an important factor for European airlines based at or flying to these airports. Currently an increasing amount of traffic is bypassing European countries with passengers using airlines and hubs outside the EU.

This Implementation Project will benefit and enhance safety for more than 3,67 million yearly aircraft movements (2015 figures) and more than 453 million passengers in the European Union will yearly benefit from a safer trip.

Safe, efficient and predictable operations in Europe are a major advantage for European airports and airlines in relation to their competitors from abroad. Unifying Safety Nets & Surface Movement will improve the socio-economic climate by ensuring a safe, efficient, cost-effective and environmentally compatible EU Air Traffic Management Network while air traffic and number of air passengers continue to grow. lt will also help create additional jobs at concerned airports (thanks to the traffic growth, and according to ACI studies, each million of passengers would create 4000 jobs). While traffic will be managed in a safe, cost-effective and improved way, there is also a positive environmental impact (lower emissions and noise reduction).

The following benefits haven been established after a first evaluation*:

  • Maintain and/or improve current target levels of safety.
  • 158.000 tonnes of CO2-savings.
  • 111 tonnes of Nüx-savings.
  • 50.000 tonnes of fuel burn-savings.
  • 563.000 Minutes of Taxi time reduction. 
  • 25 million euro of fuel-savings.

* an update will follow in the course of 2018

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