Aeroporti di Roma S.p.A.

Progress indicator

Integration of A-VDGS with A-SMGCS and AODB

Aeroporti di Roma (AdR) is planning to replace the VDGS installed all over the airport with the new generation of Advanced-VDGS . The A-VDGS units will be integrated with AODB and A-SMGCS in order to:

  • collect critical operational data from the aircraft stand;
  • share useful operational data, via the embedded display, with the pilots and handling personnel;
  • increase the safety of ramp operation and the situational awareness of pilots and handling personnel;
  • reduce taxi-time and parking-time improving runways throughput.


The project aims firstly to increase safety of aircraft operations on movement area and, secondly, to improve runways throughput.


The total budget for Rome Airport under this joint Unifying Safety Nets & Surface Movement project is €6.6m, of which €2.8m will be co-financed by the 2016 CEF call.


All A-VDGS units related to this project will be installed on specific contact and remote stands in Rome Fiumicino airport (LIRF).


Ongoing, as of August 2019 the following activities have been carried out:
  • Installation of 26 new generation A-VDGS on Fiumicino Airport
  • Configuration of the suite for the integration of the A-VDGS with the AODB and the A-SMGCS on 38 A-VDGS
  • Estimated date of termination