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Progress indicator: Enablers for safety movement
Progress indicator: Enablers for safety net

Enable the Implementation of Surface Movement and Safety Nets.


Implement and deploy A-SMGCS LI & 2 functionalities: Sensor Data Fusion including Radar Extracting and Tracking and Surveillance and alert. Planning & routing, conflict detection building on/complementing the projects: 087 AF2 (Part 1) 2014-EU-TM-O 136-M.

Safety nets for vehicles: equipment for vehicles operating in the manoeuvring area with safety related Vehicle systems for enhancing situational awareness (reduce the risks of runway incursion) complementing the projects: 088AF2, 2015_226 AF2 funded under Action 2014-EU-TM-0136-M and 2015-EU-TM-0193-M.


€ 10,126,000.00

Estimated date of termination