SESAR Deployment Manager launches new website supporting ongoing ATM modernisation in Europe


The new portal showcases completed, ongoing and planned modernisation projects and their benefits and includes a private platform set up in light of continuously improving the interaction with deployment stakeholders.

SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM) has launched a new website as part of its ongoing support to Air Traffic Management (ATM) modernisation in Europe.

The portal includes news and information on SESAR deployment in Europe and all involved stakeholders, showcases all 343 SESAR deployment ATM modernisation projects out of which 151 are completed, and explains their benefits to the European passengers, citizens, and economy.

It also powers an online Private area (SDM’s online community) platform where deployment stakeholders can interact 24/7 on modernisation challenges and topics and continue supporting and motivating each other while getting the latest information, guidance and support from the SESAR Deployment Manager.