European working group Safe Control Apron Management launched


In the context of project 150, Groupe ADP has launched on 17 April 2018 a European working group on Safe Control Apron Management. One of the main themes that have been discussed is A-SMGCS, which is a top priority of the INEA CEF Call 2016. It will allow airports to implement new interoperable functionalities in a harmonized way.

13 February 2018 – 15 aviation partners in 9 EU countries join forces in Air Traffic Management modernization project


ATM project ‘Unifying Safety Nets & Surface Movement’ launches website

Under the name “Unifying Safety Nets & Surface Movement”, the project “Enablers for Airport Surface Movement related to Safety Nets” reflects the joint effort made by 15 aviation partners in 9 EU countries to modernize Air Traffic Management (ATM). The aim of this unprecedented initiative is to improve ATM performance in Europe through the modernization and harmonization of the ATM systems that will enhance the safety for the passengers at the involved airports. Today, www.unifying.eu was launched with the aim to inform and update the public on this large-scale project.

Unifying Safety Nets & Surface Movement focuses on Airport Safety Nets and Surface Movements and brings benefits in terms of safety while – thanks to the multi stakeholder involvement – ensuring an enhanced level of synchronization, sharing of the best practices amongst all partners, reduced fragmentation, enhanced cross-border connections and professional management.

Unifying Safety Nets & Surface Movement is led by one of the world’s largest Airport Operators, Groupe ADP and falls under the coordination of SESAR Deployment Manager. It will benefit and enhance safety for over 3,67 million yearly aircraft movements. More than 453 million passengers in the European skies will benefit yearly from a safer trip because of this project. The total combined ATM modernization investment amounts up to € 125.320.390,00 with € 52.251.777,70 of cofounding by the European Commission.

Airport Operators play a central role in the connectivity provided by airspace users to passengers and freight customers within the EU. Airports are also increasingly recognized as engines of economic growth. In this respect, the Airport Operators are considered by the European Commission as a crucial group of operational stakeholders in the deployment of SESAR. Until the launch of Unifying Safety Nets & Surface Movement, airport operators have always submitted ATM modernization projects for EU funding individually or together with other local stakeholders.

Click here to find out more about the partners involved: https://www.unifying.eu/about/partners/

Click here to find out more about the benefits of this implementation project: https://www.unifying.eu/about/benefits/

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